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I'm Jackie

I've been a self employed business consultant for 14 years and when it comes to business I just get it. I have over 20 years of of experience in online marketing and small business management working on everything from business planning and branding, website concept and copy, social media content calendars, project organization and management, social campaign concept and execution, product launch management, influencer outreach and much more.


I've worked as a business strategist and manager, most notably, for BMW and Mercedes Benz and as a freelance marketer, most notably, for Olympus Cameras, Audi, Delta Airlines, Grey Goose and American Express. My unique experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, manager and strategist combined with the expertise and knowledge gained from working freelance on hundreds of marketing campaigns gives me an expansive perspective to business ownership, online marketing and what works versus what doesn't.

I believe..

When I set out to be an entrepreneur and a business owner - I never anticipated that it would ultimately lead me to a better version of myself, but - here I am, happier, healthier, more abundantmore alive.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to find balance - often sacrificing their well-being in an effort to produce more, achieve more, earn more (and more and more...).


...that in order to succeed as an entrepreneur you can't avoid your shadow. I would also argue that business ownership is the fast track to healing. 

It doesn't need to be this way.

Our capitalist society combined with hustle culture have created a multitude of misconceptions about what pursuing your passion and being a successful business owner looks like. You don't have to burn yourself out to find success.


how I work...

As a Life Path 33, I've been blessed with the gift of receiving intuitive insight not only for myself but also for others. This ability, combined with my vast knowledge and experience as a business manager, consultant and entrepreneur assists me in bringing my clients closer to success in their endeavors but more importantly...closer to themselves. 

As a Capricorn, it's in my makeup to see things from unexplored perspectives, to understand things that may contradict with other beliefs I have, and as a coach I challenge you to do the same.

If you are not ready to face your own hard truths, to make changes and shifts where necessary, - you will not enjoy working with me.

My approach is to combine structure and strategy to scale growth in your business with exercises and practices to realize growth and stability internally.

My goal is for each client to leave with direction, clarity and purpose in their business as well as being more grounded, present and balanced in themselves so that ultimately - clients can go on to rely on their own intuitive guidance. After all, we all have our answers within.

Connect with me...

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram where I share more about my daily life as well as on Pinterest, TikTok or my personal blog, "Jackie is Alive" where I share business tips, life advice, tips on mindful living and more..

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