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jackie consults

Jackie's Process

I have created my services to be as unique to the client as possible - as each client is unique! What works for one person, may not work for another.  As such, I need to familiarize myself with you and your business so I can tune in to your needs and what works for you. My process starts with a complimentary consult, follows up with a formal plan of action and a proposal of services and ends with discovery call to discuss what working with each other will look and feel like. 

Service Structures

I have two structures for both my consulting and coaching services: "Simply Structure" and "Structure and Soul". In "Strictly Structure", I work with the business owner or aspiring business owner advising on the technical aspects of starting or shifting the business. In "Structure and Soul" the client receives all of the guidance and analysis on their business that "Simply Structure" clients receive but we also work on the spiritual and soul growth of the individual. 

Strictly Structure

this service is for the business owner, or aspiring business owner, who:

  • feels scattered and overwhelmed with everything it takes to start or run their business

  • needs proper direction in their endeavor

  • doesn't have enough time in the day to work on their business, often finding themselves burned out

  • is seeking guidance on shifting their business strategies and operations to be more time and cost efficient

  • needs assistance traversing daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly objectives to reach long term goals

some key components:

  •  assistance with problem identification and solving

  • assignments to keep you on track with implementing changes into your business structures

  • expert advice and tried and tested approaches

  • establishing new routines, framework and streamlining operations

  • both short and long term goal setting

  • weekly, monthly and quarterly objectives to reach short and long term goals

Structure & Soul

this service is for the business owner or aspiring business owner who:

  • knows that they need to make a change in their business or career but doesn't know where or how to start

  • needs assistance working through emotional blockages

  • wants to cultivate habits, routines, and skills to increase their overall well-being

  • hopes to eliminate second guessing themselves and root deeper into their own inner knowing

  • desires someone to work with them, on a personal and professional level as they grow alongside their business

some key components:

  • all of the business upgrades outlined in "strictly structure"

  • identifying and working through emotional blockages

  • assignments to keep you on track with personal growth that parallels your business growth

  • workbooks with journal prompts, affirmations and more for daily checkins with yourself and your growth

  • practices to assist with growing confidence and minimizing imposter syndrome

Every client and business is unique... and so is every client package

While my services have a general framework - each package is created uniquely for each client. No two businesses are the same, no two business owners are the same ... so no two clients will have the same plan of action or proposal.

As each client is unique - some clients will find their proposal comprised of solely consulting or coaching services while other clients may find their proposal comprised of a combination of consulting and coaching services.

What you will gain..

What's important to everyone in business is very different and I structure my packages to help my clients find clarity and balance while maximizing their earning potential as well as gaining more freedom in the rest of their lives. Below are the key takeaways my clients can expect to gain when working with me - based off of what's most important to me, not only in business but in life.


My commitment to you..

All of my initial consults are 100% complimentary meaning they are both cost and commitment free. Let's chat a bit and see if we're a good fit for each other. 

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