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creative consulting                    
intuitive coaching

I'm Jackie

I offer consulting and coaching services that help people...

  • who are passionate about their product, service or business idea

  • organize, strategize and prioritize their business structures and procedures for maximum efficiency

  • create a marketing plan that helps them stay true to themselves

  • identify and work through emotional blockages and subconscious beliefs getting in the way of their personal and business growth

  • get out of their own way to find long term and sustainable success

  • learn to trust their inner guidance and insight to mindfully navigate the rollercoaster that is "business ownership"

and most importantly... I help people find balance between their business and the rest of their life.

Does any of this resonate?

you have a deep passion when it comes to your business or business concept

you doubt yourself or your abilities because it "looks different" than what others are doing

your current business model doesn't grant you enough free time to enjoy the rest of your life

you're seeking clarity in your vision, your operations, your offerings and your day-to-day

you can't get ahead of social media  and often find yourself grabbing at air searching for something to post

you are searching for more confidence in yourself, your vision, and your offerings

you're ready to step into a new phase but don't know where or how to make a shift or change

...then you might be in the right place.

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