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About Me

I'm Jacklyn Shields but you can call me Jackie. I've been a self employed business consultant for 11 years and when it comes to business I just get it. I have over 15 years of of experience in online marketing, small business management and influencer relations. I've worked as a business strategist, most notably, for BMW and Mercedes Benz and content creator, most notably, for Wells Fargo, Olympus Cameras and San Disk. My unique experience as a business strategist by day and a content creator by night gives me an expansive perspective to online marketing. 


My services for each business varies based on the client needs. Some of specialties include business planning/branding, website concept/copy, social media content calendars, project organization/management, social campaign concept/ execution, product launch management, influencer outreach and more.


I also assist bloggers and influencers in treating their brand as a business: implementing strategies and processes to streamline their content and campaigns. In addition to advancing the "business of the blog" I step step in to negotiate campaign contracts and compensation: ensuring that the individual is maximizing their monetization potential. 



For Brands

It's one thing to be a business: it's another thing to be a brand. I assist businesses and individuals in branding their venture by creating an identity that gains recognition. Effective branding leads to consistency in sales, returning customers, credibility and so much more. 

For Businesses

Most businesses don't fail because of an inferior product or service but rather because the business owner lacks the skills to effectively organize, market and run the business. I can step in and evaluate what's working and what is missing the mark in your business.

For Bloggers / Influencers

Establishing your blog or social media personality as a brand is necessary for finding success as a blogger/influencer. From implementing procedures and processes to negotiating rates and contracts - I assist bloggers/influencers in managing their brand.


Past Clients + Partners


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